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Treating us like cattle…

I've had three first trimester abortions. I came to have them because abortion was available and legal. It was the easy way out. I was 17 years old on my first, 18 on my second, 19 on my third. I went alone all three times and never let the fathers know.

The First one I had in Boston. I felt like they were treating us like cattle, there w[ere] so many of us having it done. I was very rushed. The other two I had in NH and they were a little more personable, yet still deceiving.

It affected my by sending me two signals. Since it was legal I thought it was acceptable. I thought society was accepting this, when in fact it still isn't talked about casually. I was very depressed and turned to drugs, then became very callous, bitter and cynical. Suicide crossed my mind occasionally.

I became a Born Again, Blood washed, Spirit filled, Bible Believing, Church going, Jesus Loving Christian! YES It Helped!

Absolutely! I am burning with desire to tell my story to all Pro Abortion people. I have already and I have quite the testimony. It's changed a few people's hearts so I feel lucky to have such a powerful testimony and use it to the glory of God.

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