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My "tissue" had arms, legs, and felt pain…

I was involved with my boyfriend. I asked my doctor for counseling on what to do about my unplanned pregnancy. He sent me to Plan[ned] Parenthood. They told me it was just a simple removal of "tissue." Never was addressed any other option. Never did they tell me the truth of my unborn child. Never was address[ed] physical or psychological effects, either.

My abortion, I felt like I was deceived into thinking of tissue - not the reality of my child. I remember seeing a woman six months pregnant being turned away because they only did up to twelve weeks - thinking how awful - that's a full developed baby. Little did I know I had a full developed but smaller baby in me.

My abortions affected me physically for ten years. Miscarriages, menstrual disturbances, unable to conceive, Pelvic Inflammatory Disorder. The psychological effects were severe - self destruction behavior, flashback of the day, alcohol and drug abuse, depression, anxiety, anger, grief.

I start[ed] sharing these feeling with others - I found this to be the rule, not the expectation - but women were scared to share the truth. Yes, it helped. Then I wanted to know the whole truth about abortion. I took my nursing courses and was grieved to find out what I did. My tissue had arms, legs, and felt pain. I was shocked!

Abortion led me to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ eventually, as I hungered for truth. I knew I could never kill another child again. It's so hard for me to understand how women can have more than one abortion. They have to repress their own maternal feelings and believe a lie. That's why there are so many ang[ry] now, women out there still dealing with their own abortion. Today, with every fact presented, how can a woman do this? I wish I had an informed choice.

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