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In the late 70's, 1 received a legal abortion in California. This was funded by State Med-I-Cal funds. It was a crisis time in my life and abortion was presented to me as a viable option by a medical professional, in this case, a physician. I received no counseling regarding any physical or psychological side effects.

This one Procedure has had its impact on my life as well as on the lives of many others. Immediately before the sedation took effect I knew it was the wrong decision and my attempts to convince the nurse of this went un heeded, as well as a last minute phone call to my husband, who insisted I had to go through with it.

Fifteen months later, my husband and I were separated and eventually divorced. I remarried within a year, and found myself alone again after three months, because my emotions were so unstable. After eighteen months of separation I was again divorced. At one point, I went into a hospital emergency room and was told I was headed for a nervous breakdown. One month later I was hospitalized out-of-state, for injuries sustained in an auto accident. For ten days, I lay with multiple injuries.

Since that time I have graduated from junior college and secured permanent employment in the position afore-mentioned. If you are wondering if all of this wouldn't have happened if I hadn't of had an abortion, I seriously doubt it. You see, I was probably one of the most consistent, dependable, and highly regarded persons, that took the role of wife and mother quite seriously. When my husband experienced personal problems and our marriage effected the strains of those problems, society held out a microwave solution.

This past January, I was privileged to hear Miss Carol Everett, from Dallas, Texas, speak. She spoke of post abortion syndrome, and post abortive families. I identified. Up until now, I couldn't explain all that I had experienced -- there seemed to be no relative experience by which to compare many of my actions and emotions. Although, not currently addressed by the Surgeon General, as a health hazard, it is only a matter of time before the ripple effect of the abortion, and the subsequent complications, infects our society.

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