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My mom had the abortion in 1953

My mom had the abortion in 1953. I came home early from school, at 8 yrs. old, and saw my mom on a rug on our dining room table. She was having a backyard abortion. For the social reason that I would be 9 when the baby was due, and she did not want the neighbors to talk about her having children 9 years apart.

A woman dressed completely in black was thumping my mom’s left side and a syringe kept going in to my mom’s vagina. Anything coming out went into a bucket (plastic) on the floor. My mom lived in a wealthy suburb -- the  abortionist from a working class suburb. Abortionist went, came back a couple more times, Tuesday and Thursday usually.

My parents became over-protective. I’m an only child, my mom had had several abortions, as both my parents said children take up time. Never did my mom allow me to make cookies and ice cream in case I was burnt by gas of oven. My mom hadn’t prepared me for marriage. My marriage broke up.

I stopped going to church. I eventually became a Roman Catholic and once confirmed, I joined an anti-abortion political party and after my marriage joined [other respect life groups]. It sure helps to help others to respect life.

It confirmed belief that God answers children’s prayers and that, I’d prayed for 4 years for a baby sister/brother. I’m now 45 with 3 children of my own. If aborted baby had lived, it would be 36 now, -- my mom is 76 years. Although in-laws and ex-husband disliked my pro-life stance, I’m pleased I had 3 children -- It’s great!

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