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No Joy at LoveJoy

I wasn't married and my boyfriend was involved in making sure I had the abortion performed at the Love Joy Clinic, and there was no love and no joy. They had me come in the back door so I wouldn't run into the picketers out front -- they said they would grab me. I didn't know any better I believed them. I didn't want no weirdo grabbing me.

The so-called counselor told me my baby was a blob, and actually handed me a book with a picture of a blob in it to show me. The abortion itself was painful. The abortion method I had was suction aspiration. When the procedure started it shook my whole body. I could tell the doctor didn't really care..

No one said anything as I lay there and cried I never told any one except the boyfriend who was making sure I had the abortion. I couldn't forgive myself -- I told the Lord this would be my punishment for the rest of my life -- I'd never have a baby. I was in bondage for 8 years

-- And the truth of God's word set me free. I finally forgave myself because Jesus did. And A healing process began and in 1 month after that I got pregnant.

I went to the Lord for help and the truth set me free. John 8:36 -- So if the Son sets you free you will indeed be free. John 8:32 -- And you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. When I could admit I killed my baby and confess my sin the Lord forgave me. And showed me I needed to forgive myself then it became an act of my will then I was free from guilt

I know abortion changed my life -- I was in bondage for 8 years before I could forgive myself. The Love Joy didn't tell me about this side effect. They work on fear.

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