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Abortion is unnatural

I was 19 and engaged, but really wasn’t prepared to hear the words, "Your test was positive".  I was really stunned and numb, so it was really easy to listen to the advice of others. I wasn’t required to really think about my decision to abort. A family member was getting appointments for me, etc.

[The abortion was] really painful, frightening, emotionally drawing.  I had guilt and feelings of great loss. 

I talked to my baby with a lot of tears, and then asked him to forgive me. The real comfort came when I felt true forgiveness from God and was able to forgive myself. I guess first I confronted the issue of my abortion and then dealt with it slowly over a period of time.

I am always wondering what my child would have been and done in this life. A part of me is missing. A piece of the puzzle is lost. At least now that I’m involved in pro-life work, pro-abortionists can’t tell me I don’t know anything about abortion.

Abortion is unnatural.  Abortion hurts us emotionally and spiritually. The reality of my abortion didn’t hit me until four months later. At that time I saw something about abortion on TV -- that set the spark. I locked myself in the bathroom. I went into a frenzy, crying, sobbing, screaming. I felt such intense emotional pain as I have never experienced. I hurt, but I am thankful for what I saw about abortion on the TV.  It was the beginning of my recovery period. It was painful, but at least I could start dealing with what I’d pushed into the back of my brain.  I just hope that in my pro-life work, I can help other women who have had abortions or are contemplating abortions.

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