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I felt like a piece of meat, a statistic

I was 17 years old. The father and I were engaged to be married. He told his father and the next day I was on a plane to New York. It all happened so fast, without time to think and without any counsel or information as to what I was in for. Basically, I was told an abortion was a quick and easy solution to my "problem".

It was at a very expensive high-class clinic. The people were not warm and friendly like one would expect. I felt like a piece of meat, a statistic. It was very painful. It was a nightmare!

Immediately (on the plane ride home) I felt extreme guilt. I hated my boyfriend. I felt empty and alone. I still married the father. We became Christians three years later and have three children (so far). We know we have been forgiven but we never forgot our baby. We told our children so they won't make the same mistake.

We asked Jesus Christ for forgiveness. I had a lot of healing to go through. I
still cry a lot, especially on the death date - March 3rd. The Lord has helped
me immensely in the area of guilt.

I will never be the same. How could I? One doesn't murder ones' offspring and forget it. God has placed me in a ministry where I can help others that are facing crisis pregnancies. I work as a counselor at a crisis pregnancy clinic. I also have a desire to work with Post Abortion Syndrome woman in the future.

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