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I have had five abortions.

I have had five abortions. Being young, sexually active, exercising my freedom of independence, not using contraceptives because I didn't think this (pregnancy) would possibly happen to me. I got pregnant and it seemed that a child had no place in my life, I mean I had to get an education right? Well, it resulted in abortion. After the first abortion I noticed how careless I became with my birth control pills because I actually started wanting a baby and wanting to be pregnant, desiring a child.

The abortions were painful, during them I really feel a lot of shaking, I felt a horrible sense of loss. One left me with physical problems, painful and a lot of bleeding.

My sex drive is near zero. I have no sexual drive at all. It's strange. 4 of them have left me with no desire to be around kids. I feel I want to have more kids to make up for the aborted ones. It has left an impression on the fathers also.

I sought counseling, Christian counseling and yes it has helped a tremendous amount. I can actually talk about my experience with abortion.

I am totally against abortion because I see how not only are you killing another human being but also killing the woman but she is still alive.

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