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I hated the doctor

I just did it without confiding in anyone as I did not trust anyone enough to ask for help. I talked to a counselor who did not offer any alternatives and did not give me truthful info. (1 1/2 years ago.)

I was paralyzed and reacting in a crisis situation. I felt relief at first. I hated the doctor, the male assistant, the female counselor. I couldn't believe they could continually be involved in killing. It was the worst experience I ever had.

I needed therapy and medication for depression. Therapist told me I was in a major depression. One of my closest friends and his sister comforted me, related experience of another woman they knew, but denied that the fetus was really a baby at that state of development. In a way, their denial made me feel a little better. It helped me rationalize and minimize it. My boyfriend comforted me and forgave me, but expressed anger and disbelief.

I went to support group, New Life Homes and Family Services. There was a lot of healing -- especially because of the understanding of people who had gone through the experience of abortion.

The abortion changed my life drastically. I will never get over this. Everyday, I come to a greater realization of what I have actually done and how greatly I regret it.

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