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I feel it was something out of a nightmare.

I choose only to write about the second of the two abortions I had. I was involved with a guy who goes to AA meetings. It was at the start of the relationship. I found out before I was pregnant that his feelings weren't "for" me. Because I didn't have a relationship established with him, I went and had the abortion.

I can best describe my abortion as very sad because I wanted to give birth to the baby. I feel it was something out of a nightmare. They did not support me emotionally and I almost view it that I got myself pregnant because he didn't do what I needed him to do.

My abortion affected me because I feel cheated and I didn't get the support I was hoping to find in my family and the father. I have deep feelings of resentment against my family for not supporting me to have the baby and I have anger and resentment toward the father of the baby.

I've talked out my feelings with numerous people to help deal with what I've done. I just started going to a support group which I feel is what I need. With just one meeting I feel better because I was with people who understand my hurt.

It's changed my life. Another piece of my soul has been chipped away at. I feel it has many effects on how I feel about myself and other people. My conscience has been injured and part of how I feel for others is forever gone because "others" were not there for me to encourage me to have my baby.

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