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Letter to New York State Senate

Dear Senator,

Recently the US Supreme Court gave State Legislators greater authority to restrict and regulate abortion. The decision in Webster vs. Reproduction Health Services hopefully will end the carnage of abortion on demand, and I urge you as a registered voter to make all moves possible to sound the death knell of abortions of convenience!

In my family, I have personally witnessed the tragedy of an underage girl being advised by a Planned Parenthood counselor to have an abortion. She had been raped and she conceived. Planned Parenthood provided transportation and procured.

She also suffers from Post Abortion Syndrome including dreams of finding the "phantom child." She experiences remorse and regret whenever she sees a child the same age of the one she lost. This is still happening eleven years after the fact!

She speaks of being pressured into the decision by Planned Parenthood counselors at the local campus. I might add that Planned Parenthood has vested interest in elimination choice because they make a tidy amount from each "procedure." My sister regrets that there was no one available to advise her on the adoption option or even just keeping her baby. Mind you, she was raped!

Please do whatever you can to support the Pro-Life Movement. Thank you.

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