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Hospitalized for major depression…

I had an abortion at age 17, and again at age 21. I went to Bill Baird Clinic for pregnancy tests. I was never counseled in regard to other options. Abortion was the only choice discussed.

Both were vacuum aspiration - first trimester. I was awake for both of them.

The relationships I had broke off shortly after the abortions. They were both emotionally abusive. My relationship with my family, friends and others deteriorated after the abortions.

I sought various means of counseling. I went to a social worker at one time and suffered from a nervous breakdown. I was hospitalized three times for major depression. I know now that I was suffering from severe post abortion stress.

[It changed me] dramatically - only by the forgiveness, love and grace of Jesus can I get through each day knowing that two innocent children were allowed to die - I am now involved with Pro-Life work through a Crisis Pregnancy Center.

I am very grateful to be able to be a part of this case study. It is so needed. The medical community and all segments of our society must know the devastation that abortion brings to women (and men).

I have been fortunate to have received a tremendous amount of healing from God. It has been only through Him and my trust in Him that I have been able to make peace with my past.

I was involved with Women Exploited by Abortion and Post Abortion Counseling through the Christian Action Council. Both helped a great deal. Just being able to share my experience with other women was tremendous. When I was hospitalized for depression and a suicide attempt the doctors and hospital staff never acknowledged the abortions and the effect they had on me. When I was first hospitalized that was all that I talked about. I was in such pain and grief, yet they minimized it and were totally ill prepared to deal with a woman suffering from post-abortion stress. At the time I didn't know that there was such a syndrome.

God is good. I am happily married and have a beautiful 13 month old girl. God has used my past sins for good and now for His Glory and Honor.

I am very involved with Pro Life work and serve on the Board of Directors of a Crisis Pregnancy Center. Prior to having my daughter I was a counselor for post abortion counseling. I'm grateful for all the Pro Life work that is being done throughout the country.

God bless you for conducting this study. I pray that it will accomplish a great deal and that people will become more aware of post-abortion stress.

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