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I only went to get my mother off my back.

(Note: I normally do not add comments to these testimonies, but the assertion here about the pressure that this girl's parents put on her to have the abortion is noteworthy. Often, the sin of abortion is described as a sacrifice of children to the pleasure or convenience of the mother. But in reality, it is more often the case that the child becomes a sacrifice at the altar of the pride and arrogance of the grandparent. Indeed, in such cases, the parents of the woman who aborts bear the greater guilt.

--Fr. Frank Pavone)

I was raped by a boyfriend while vacationing with him. I wasn't aware that it was rape, as most date rape victims deny it. Upon returning, I found out I was pregnant. My mother gave me a lot of pressure to have an abortion. My sister and father supported it also.

I went in for "indecision counseling" beforehand. I only went to get my mother off my back. When I look back, she was more a salesperson than a counselor. They did abortions only on one night of the week. There were about eight of us girls in there. I was very elated and relieved afterwards.

Less than two months afterwards, the boyfriend who I had had left. I quit working at a day care center. I began to realize what I had done and what the boyfriend had done to me, and became really depressed, felt guilty and angry. It reached a peak about the time of the due date.

About a year after the baby would have been born, I attended a support group called Conquerors. It helped me a lot. The Healing Visions Conference helped me tremendously also. I felt like I really realized what I did and what I lost and I am working through the steps more deeply now.

I have come to be closer to God, and more aware of his forgiveness and his words and presence. He is more important in my life. I think of him as loving, and before I did not.

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