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I tried to forget but couldn't

[I came to have an abortion] through an unwanted pregnancy at the age of 17/18. The individuals involved were myself and a good girl friend who drove me there and back.

A quick procedure with no emotions involved; very cold. I received about a five minute counseling session where she asked me if I had any questions. I responded with the question whether I'd bear children or not. She replied Yes. I was then led to a group of chairs where we sat till led to table for the suction curettage method, then led to a room where we laid till felt good enough to leave. A week or two later had a follow-up exam and was prescribed with the pill.

Affects on me: the dates have always become a part of my life (conception and projected birth dates). I believe from the abortion and through premarital sexual relationships (after the procedure I was given a quick exam and in that they prescribed and educated me on the use of the pill) I am sterile. I was told by the counselor I would have no problem getting pregnant - I believed them and their direction back then and cannot bear children unless God does a miracle. My fallopian tubes were badly scarred and damaged. I'm thankful my husband is understand[ing], supportive. We are going through adoption.

I'm a Christian and I write this to give insight on my response. My abortion was something I tried to forget but couldn't. I felt career success and material gains, which I directed my attentions on, were the answer. I was working four jobs at the time, involved in partying/drugs; like a chicken with my head cut off. At this time I kept getting in car accidents and after being hit head-on, through God's grace, coming out ALIVE, reevaluated my life at 21/22. I centered on who God IS through the Bible and studying it. Forgiveness became prevalent and after confessing and giving promises about forgiveness, a healing took place and yes it's been the answer!!!

Through this, what I believe, bad choice, I believe it's taught me some valid lessons on why we have MORALS and the SAFETY they provide to an individual who lives by them and the benefits they can REAP as a result. This experience has motivated me to be a spokesperson for LIFE at conception. I was working with a chastity, abstinence educational group called T.L.C. but now through personal relations as well have shared the concept of LIFE. I've seen my pro-choice man and husband become avid pro-lifer. Romans 8:28 has truly been seen as a result!

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