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Not for a million dollars…

The abortion hurt and [was] very dangerous, but your feeling[s] [are] hurt a lot.

Talk[ing] to my boyfriend and my friend Alicia, and other[s] - it help[ed], but it hurt.

[My feeling[s] are more easy to hurt.

Counselor's summary of our discussion together:

Sherry was very articulate in speaking with me. I showed her our Crisis Pregnancy video. She cried through it but would not directly look. She talked through it and agreed heartily with everything said. She said she wouldn't go through an abortion again for a million dollars. "It hurt so much." The doctor was uncaring and "pushy." He wasn't sympathetic but harsh, even when she changed her mind, so she felt she had to go through with it. She had a vision of her dead mother encouraging her to send the baby to her. (The mother had had several abortions herself.) She can't bear to see babies now, she said. She immediately had her cousin tell the father she would never ever see him again because he told her to abort the baby. She said if her mother were alive she knows she wouldn't have even attempted to abort. She thinks about it all the time. Her new boyfriend lets her talk about it and is sympathetic. She didn't want to go to her prom after the abortion but she did. She talked about the abortion all evening to her new boyfriend. She says she will remember that date and the date of her mother's death as long as she lives. "That's life" was her attitude.

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