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I have been involved in the pro-life movement for six years as an educator in the local schools, on television and radio programs, at churches and local youth groups, also doing post-abortion counseling through WEBA and the Pregnancy Resource Center. The Lord has been faithful, when truth needs to be spoken, using me to minister to others about God's forgiveness and freedom in Christ.

1. My first abortion was when I was 16 (1970) and living in New York State. I secured this D & C at a cost of $250.00. My boyfriend at this time did not want me to keep the baby since he had just started University and was not prepared to quit. My friend accompanied me by train. A local Doctor had given me their name and phone number. I did not involve my parents.

2. My second abortion was in 1976 when I was newly married in Colorado. My husband accompanied me.

3. The first abortion sent me into heavy drug abuse and sexual promiscuity My life became harried and miserable. I ended up a cocaine addiction and a prostitute for drugs (I never received money, just drugs in return). In order to escape the lifestyle (Death style) that I had found myself in, at 20 years old I joined the Hare Krishna cult. I lasted in there 2 years, when my parents had me deprogrammed. (My husband to be was one of the deprogrammers). We later married (4 months to be exact) and then moved to Colorado. On the honeymoon, I broke my foot (probably from dancing barefoot on cement in H.K. cult). Then I found myself pregnant. It was "easy" to decide to abort again because it wasn't convenient. Both abortions left me angry and tough and devoid of much compassion. After the second one, I really felt bad consciously because we wanted four children and we had just killed our first one.

4. After 3 years of marriage, my husband and I decided that we wanted to have children. So I got pregnant right away. While I was pregnant. I read every book about pregnancy and the unborn and that's when it all hit me. Seeing those photos of the unborn child and reading about the real life that was growing in me, just cut me to the quick. While I was newly pregnant, we also became Christians. The Lord showed us what we had done and that He forgave us. It was now our turns to forgive those who led us down the path of abortion and to forgive ourselves. It took four more years for the Lord to truly dig into me and show me the truth about abortion. When I was pregnant with my third child (fifth really), He had me start giving my testimony of forgiveness and healing, as well as started a support group for women who had been destroyed by abortion(s).

5. Both of the abortions changed my life dramatically. First for evil. I believe the spirits of inconvenience and murder entered into me, sought to destroy not only my children but me and all around me. It's taken an incredible toll on my life, my husband's and our three surviving children. My youngest, who is five often misses his older siblings. He says that he can't wait till he gets to heaven to meet his sister and brother who live there and all the other aborted babies. My oldest daughter prays for a sister to love (and I destroyed that sister by my abortion). But at the same time, the Lord uses all my life's experiences to speak about His love for His people and He uses me to minister healing to others in a way that only one who has been there could. So it saddens me that I have destroyed two precious children, but God uses it for good and not for evil, as the enemy would have.

So I hope that you can use my testimony for speaking the truth, where only lies live. May the Lord continue to impart knowledge and wisdom in the area of life versus death.

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