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I was rushed back to the clinic

I had discovered that I was pregnant right around the time I had purchased my own home. I had quite a few bills as well as the mortgage, and being single, I felt that financially I could not continue the pregnancy. I had also recently recovered from Epstein Barr viral syndrome and felt that I possibly could not cope with the physical exhaustion of a full-term pregnancy. Therefore, I contacted Women's Health Services and set up an appointment with them.

They used the vacuum system and the pulling and cramping was painful but endurable. However 2 weeks later I was clotting huge amounts of tissue and I was rushed back to the clinic. I had severe pain and cramping. My insides felt that they were coming out of me. The physician then informed me that a second vacuum was necessary and this second procedure was very painful, physically as well as mentally. The physicians and nurses at the clinics stated that sometimes all of the tissue is not completed vacuumed and therefore, a second procedure is necessary. I did consult my gynecologist and she did confirm this fact. I was examined by her and everything was fine and none of my organs were damaged.

I was 36 years old at the time. Most of my friends were aware, some of them tried to talk me out of it and others just gave me support. My family was also aware, but at my age, they felt it was my decision. I was greatly affected. I became a Born Again Christian and turned to God after this tragedy. After I became aware that I actually did kill a human life it was very hard to understand why I did not realize this in the first place. I work for a health agency, therefore, I most likely was aware that it was a baby but suppressed it.

In the past few years I've repented to Jesus Christ of my sin and realized it was murder against His Commandments. I've said goodbye to the child in my own way and have gotten on with my life. It has been a testimony for anyone who has contemplated an abortion. I've joined the Pro-Life Movement here in my home town. Currently, I counsel pregnant women.

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