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It was very cold

I was or had been dating this guy, and when we decided to sleep together, I got pregnant. Not really knowing what to do, I decided to have an abortion. He went with me the day I had it. He waited for me out in the waiting room. I never really discussed it with him.

What I remember, and it is something you really never forget, No matter Who you are or what you believe, it was very cold. [No] one really acted as if it was wrong. It seemed as though they didn't want you to know what was going to happen, because you could change your mind and leave. It really scared me - especially - after I really knew what I had done. But it was too late.

Well, for a long time I couldn't sleep. It seemed that after I had one, that when I started to hear so much about abortion being murder, I received Christ into my life and asked for forgiveness and I know that he forgave me. But I just couldn't forgive myself. I took a long time to let go. Now I know that my baby is with Jesus.

I just let God's Love and forgiveness enter into my life and that helped me cope. Also, not that it is an excuse, but I didn't really, really know what I was doing, Not until Christ came into my life.

[The abortion changed my life b]ecause I want so much to tell other girls - women about the life within them, that it really is living and a gift. Also it makes me love the two beautiful boys that I have now. (By the way, the guy that was with me that day I had the abortion has been my husband for 10 years. We just had a Baby Boy. God's Blessings!)

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