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I was pro-choice until the abortion

I believed abortion was a necessary evil. If I got pregnant and didn't want to be - I would abort. It was a "solution" to a problem. A girl I worked with was the only one who knew. My boyfriend NEVER knew. I saw a regular OB/Gyn doctor who referred me to Planned Parenthood.

Horrible! I was pro-choice until the abortion. That changed my mind. I was an emotional wreck. There was minimal counseling (birth control and about the laminaria - I was 12 weeks), and I was totally unprepared. There was a lot of pain and I couldn't stop crying . My life turned upside down.

I changed 180 degrees. I was miserable and took my hurt - ANGER - out on everyone. My boyfriend and I broke up because I HATED him. This was all his fault. Then I put it on a shelf for seven years and wouldn't face up to what I had done.

I didn't do anything for seven years - once, I mention it and was told abortions didn't cause problems (from a secular psychologist I was seeing for the re-occurrence of my migraine headaches) - then I heard about WEBA (Women Exploited By Abortion). It was there that I got REAL help.

[The abortion has] ruined my relationships with men. There's a lot of anger still there. I want a baby, but I'm afraid to become pregnant. While my problems were all emotional, there's still a possibility (the laminaria DID NOT work) that my cervix will be weak, which could cause problems with a future pregnancy.

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