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I'll never do it again, for any reason

I felt my boyfriend and I wouldn't last and that we weren't responsible enough to raise a child. Also, there was a chance the baby wasn’t his. I was 20 at the time and he was 18.

I knew at 3 weeks I was pregnant, but they made me wait till I was 6 weeks along. [The abortion was] clinical, routine - there were women everywhere, though I'm not sure they were all having abortions. I was sure everyone knew I was and I felt awful about it.

My boyfriend said he'd marry me while I was still pregnant and I said no; I think that hurt his feelings (now I know that if I didn't want to marry him, I shouldn't have been sleeping with him).

I'd like to help others to make the decision not to have an abortion but I haven't done that yet. The only thing I've done to deal with it is cry and confess to God and ask forgiveness. Yes, it helped.

I can see both sides to pregnant woman's abortion or dilemma, but I know now that it's wrong to kill an unborn child (I have two children from my later marriage) and I'll never do it again, for any reason.

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