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I told them I changed my mind

My friends talked me into getting sexual experience. I became pregnant. My mother is a[n] alcoholic and hates men. I couldn't tell her about the baby. All my best friends said it wasn't a baby, only a lump of cells and I should have a[n] abortion, and the Doctor said it was all I could do.

They strapped me to a table, to wait in a hall. There were about ten to fifteen of us waiting. I told them I changed my mind. The nurse said I'd see the Doctor soon and I could tell her in the next room. I told the Doctor, she gave me a shot and put me to sleep.

I woke up screaming. I want my Baby. I bled a lot. I was in a deep depression. I couldn't look at a baby or work near the Baby dept. I was working at Robinsons. I blamed my friends for it. It was awful. I don't see my friends.

I wanted a baby. I thought I'd never get pregnant. It took over a month. The first time it took one night. I became Catholic. My Priest has helped me a lot. My Son is a[n] altar boy and my little Son is almost 6 years old.

[My boyfriend] left me because I wouldn't abort my 2 sons. He's married someone. . . He has to pay me $600 a month child support. I wish I had my Baby, my first Baby. It would be 14 now.

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