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Morality has about left our planet

Babies are taken care of by God. It is what we do with ourselves that kill our planet! And society.

I got pregnant by a boyfriend. [The doctor] told me that it was just a blood clot at 4 months along. My mom and sisters knew and my High School counselor and some friends. Not my Dad!

Scary. Painful emotionally. I held on to my stomach when I was laying in bed with my second pregnancy and talking to my baby. Telling it that no one was going to take him away. But no one supported me, not even my mom. I was only 17 years of age, too young. She did not want to take care of another baby.

Affected me still today - my self worth is very sick. I've gone to therapy for 7 years. For a long time I wanted to be punished. I'm married 8 years. No babies. At first God was punishing me. Now I don't know what's happening to me. And getting pregnant. Broke up my family (mom & dad) - together, but not together emotionally.

Therapy - talk to (girls) at Family Planning about what can happen to them physically and emotionally. Pain and Anger. I hated so deep and broken hearted. Me killing two little ones. Screaming to fight for their lives inside of me!

It has made me realize that we are all very selfish and hungry for the Big Dollar Bill and convenience.

Life is controlled - Money is to be conquered.

Morality has about left our planet.

John 14:6

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