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Women have been "had"…

I tried to have the baby but since I was unwed, everyone - the baby's father, my parents, a "friend", medical personnel - pressured me into having the abortion. There is no doubt in my mind that I had no choice.

Awful. My parents abandoned me at the hospital. One nurse there gave me a hard time for not using birth control - this in the middle of my pain. (In fairness I will say one other nurse was kind.) After the abortion was over (saline) I was shuffled out of the hospital.

I left home and did not speak to my parents for 7 years and to this day we have not resolved this. The relationship with my baby's father ended soon after. About 2 months later I met the man I later married, but sometimes I'm mad at him because he's a man.

I haven't done much because nothing will bring my child back. I have 3 children and I love them but they don't fill the void. I am a Christian and that helps more than not being a Christian. But I am still empty.

It has isolated me. I feel so ashamed. Also I wonder if I would have married my husband. Also I am fearful about having children. Also I am very bitter about the lot of modern women. I feel women have been "had" by sex revolution, etc.

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