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Abortions cause ghosts to be a constant part of my friend's lives

I never had an abortion, but I have several friends and acquaintances who have. One friend had several and when married and blessed with pregnancy felt certain God would punish her and was severely depressed during these two pregnancies. Another friend has since tried to have children with her current husband and can't conceive. Another had two children, but aborted the third because she wasn't willing to go through it again.

(The abortions were) Professional and cold.

All three friends I reference were never emotionally hurt. One I feel very far removed from and have difficulty being her friend (the one who has 2 children but aborted the third).

One of my friends is now a very good Christian and relies on God to forgive her and help her with her two children. Another friend is atheist and believes she has every right to do what she did, and the other feels unfulfilled not being able to conceive with her current husband.

Abortions cause ghosts to be a constant part of my friend's lives. They feel they are being punished somehow! One relates her inability not to conceive as her punishment from God for having an abortion nearly 10 years ago!

Please do something to stop abortions from being so easy to have!

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