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was on an emotional roller coaster

The father of the baby did not want it and he didn't want to get married, but he went back and forth between saying he'd get married and changing his mind and the decision was thrust upon me. We had sought counseling, and after an eerie day of counseling the counselor in charge told my boyfriend that as far as she could see there could not be a meeting of the minds and she could not see him getting married, much less being a father. He changed his mind several times and I was on an emotional roller coaster. I didn't know what to do, where to turn. I loved him very much and he'd promised that we'd get married if I got pregnant. The counselor sided with my boyfriend and told him not to meet with me without them along. How they could justify this in their own minds, I don't know, but I didn't know if I had any rights. I insisted on being asleep while they performed the abortion.

I was under general anesthesia, so I don't know much about the procedure, but prior to the procedure, I swore to myself that I'd never be there again. One woman was bragging that this was her third abortion and her brother's girlfriend was there for her first! Disgusting!

(The abortion was ) physically and mentally damaging. Physically, I had a weakened cervix and at 29 I had to have a hysterectomy. Mentally and emotionally it tears me up. My baby would have been born exactly ten years ago, now.

I've tried telling the story, in hopes it will effectively deter others, but that has not been especially helpful. I've belonged to WEBA [Women Exploited by Abortion] in the past, but there are still painful memories, more painful this year than recently,  due to the age the baby would have been.

The abortion has emotionally crippled a part of my life, but I have found solace in the Lord, and perhaps if I'd had the baby I would have met and married my current husband and had my three beautiful and loving children.

May God Bless your efforts!!!!  Many thanks!!!!!

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