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I wish it would have been harder to get…

I had a prolapsed uterus and was in the hospital to have it removed when the Doctor discovered I was pregnant with my 7th child in 10 years. I was so upset he sent me to an abortionist at a hospital.

I don't remember the abortion because it happened during the operation to remove my uterus.

Only my husband and my mother knew about it. We didn't tell our 6 children. My mother bugged me not to but I didn't listen. It gave me a deep sense of shame a few years afterwards when I really realized what I had done. It was done for a very selfish reason. I didn't think we could afford another child. What a mistake. My husband and I think about our child often.

I've prayed for forgiveness. I've tried to instill in my children a deep respect for life. I give what money I can to Pro-Life causes.

It made me realize that life is precious. I would have had the child and loved it. I wish the abortion would have been harder to get, then maybe I wouldn't have had it. It happened 19 years ago in Norfolk, VA. I went back there last year after being away for 17 years. It still made me very sad and depressed to be where it happened.

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