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I was unwed, scared and had no support

I was unwed, scared and had no support. My doctor, my boyfriends (I had two abortions and different boyfriends for each one), my friends and Planned Parenthood (were involved).

The first (abortion) was painless because I was "put under," however I bled for about 3 months afterwards, not heavily but constantly and I never had normal periods after that. The second one was horrible, the pain was like that of giving birth and I had an infection after that one.

It affected my relations with my first husband because he was one of the fathers; we divorced. It affected the marriage to my second husband because he too was a father. It has even affected my relationship with my Mom. I have a little boy of 5 and it has caused me to treat him differently. I lived in fear when he was first born that he would be taken from me by God. I'm also having trouble bonding with him.

I got right with God first off. Then I started talking about it first to friends. Then to groups, churches on TV and articles. I help fight against abortion by being a member of Right To Life, Open Arms.

I don't know that I would have near the conviction to fight against (abortion) if I had not experienced it. Also, I believe the abortions have caused me to be infertile and to have problems carrying to term. I also blame my cancer on my abortions. I've just had too many problems physically to not question the link between the abortions and my problems.

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