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I can never have those 2 children I aborted

The first time I had an abortion, I was 20 years old. My boyfriend did not want the baby (I did). I was afraid. A friend drove me over and I had it (the abortion). 2nd time, I was married. My husband was detached from me. I had one son again. I felt trapped. I had a second abortion.

I have very little memory of the first abortion. It was quick and I went home feeling relieved and sad. The second time (it was) easier.

I often cried for no reason and I could not look at a baby in the stage of development when my abortions occurred. I also felt anger toward my husband. (He was my boyfriend when I had the 1st one).

I went to counseling (briefly) and to confession. I went back to church and became active in the pro-life movement and I had to face the reality of what I had done.

I can never have those 2 children I aborted. So I will always feel this loss. I do however feel, I can be of help to others who had abortions to help in healing and to help prevent someone from having one. I know that there is pain - it is not simply a procedure!

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