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Now I no longer can get pregnant

My best friend at the time helped me come to the conclusion that abortion was the best solution. I didn't find out till afterwards that she too had had an abortion. She helped me in every way as far as where I could obtain one, continually encouraged me that this was the best decision. She took me to the clinic and picked me up. At that point our relationship grew further and further apart.

(It was) worse than the 2 miscarriages I had, combined. Not only a sense of loss but a loss I could have prevented if I were told the truth about abortion.

The relationship with my boyfriend ended.  I worked long hours. I became more promiscuous, made sure I didn't develop any long term relationships, kept my family at a distance -- even my 2 children. Physically I became a mess! Hemorrhaging started only hours after the abortion and within 7 years I was hospitalized 3 times. Now I no longer can get pregnant.

I wasn't able to deal with my abortion till I saw "Silent Scream". Shortly before that I gave my life to Christ, gradually after admitting that I killed my baby. Christ did a healing within me, as I dealt with each step. Only by trusting fully in Christ and reading Gods' word and the counseling my pastor gave I become healed.

It made me aware that our laws are no longer made for our best interest, to ask questions. Question, that the medical field can be and is fallible. That Life does begin at conception and has value. I have become more bold and outspoken with injustice and am helping those who are hurting from abortion. The experience to share with the public what abortion really is and what really goes on inside the clinics. And I have become a rooted Christian.

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