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It created a huge wall

I became pregnant while engaged to my husband. I felt the baby would keep me from finishing college and I didn't think I could handle the humiliation. My husband was very against the abortion. My mother was very insistent that I have the abortion.

I was told I needed to have it as soon as possible because as the pregnancy went on the abortion would be more complicated and dangerous. The office was impersonal. I was told after I went back I could not change my mind. I had no physical complications.

It changed my relationships. There were many problems to deal with my mother and my husband-to-be. My abortion was 10 years ago and just recently I have dealt with it and am able to mend my animosity to my mother though we still never mention it. I have no children and I can't enjoy sex like before.

A post-abortion Bible study helped me begin forgiveness of myself and my mother. It also made me realize how unconditionally my husband loves me to forgive me and work this out with me. This is a good example of God's grace on earth.

My abortion changed my self-image. I was a proud person before and after the abortion I fought with the realization of what I did. I am hesitant a lot having children, though I always planned on having them. It created a huge wall that my mom and I can't get over. It set my marriage off on an awful start.

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