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The Monthly e-Newsletter of Rachel's Vineyard Ministries

June 2005

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Rachel’s Vineyard weekend retreats for emotional and spiritual healing after abortion are held internationally. Rachel’s Vineyard welcomes women, men, couples, grandparents and abortion providers. Our retreats are held in both Catholic and Interdenominational settings. Rachel's Vineyard Ministries is a resource for clinical training, education, and healing models.

Rachel’s Vineyard is a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization. All contributions are tax deductible.

We work in close partnership with Priests for Life and Gospel of Life Ministries.

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Runaway Bride Exhibits Symptoms of Trauma

By Theresa Burke, Ph.D.

Just about everyone was talking about Jennifer Wilbanks, a 32-year-old medical assistant from Atlanta, who had been scheduled to get married last month in front of 600 guests and 28 attendants. She disappeared a few days before her wedding prompting a massive, three-day search.

When we first heard the story, I thought of the many issues which could make a woman sabotage a relationship and become so frightened of intimacy and commitment that she would be overcome by the "fight or flight" syndrome, associated closely with post traumatic stress disorder. By all observations, Jennifer chose to flee.

We all know women who have experienced "cold feet" before their wedding day. If there is trauma in her history, some of the unspoken issues that are internally wrestled can be feelings of deep unworthiness, fears of judgment, an unexplained terror to trust, and the heavy burden of bringing unspoken past secrets into a marriage.

One of my clients shared that as she approached her wedding; she was reluctant to reveal the fact that she had suffered the loss of three children because of induced abortions, which occurred many years before she met her fiancé. The secret ate at her. What if he knew? What if he found out? What if he were to judge her? If he really knew about her past, could he still love her? How could any mother destroy her own child? If she ever had a child, she was anxious that she would not be a good mom.

Feelings of unworthiness spawned by previous traumatic experiences can lead women to sabotage a promising relationship. They don’t trust that good things can happen to them. They frequently walk away from tender and caring men because of guilt ridden and rejected hearts. They don’t feel they deserve to be loved. Through traumatic re-enactments they recreate unresolved themes by bringing past issues forward, but in a disguised way…. A compelling, unconscious acting out of themes related to the original trauma. Jennifer shares that she was driven by forces she could not speak about, did not understand, and is still struggling to make sense out of. She stated: "At this time, I cannot explain fully what happened to me. I had a host of compelling issues, which seemed out of control—issues for which I was unable to address or confine… In my mind, I was simply running from myself and from certain fears controlling my life."

What could those conflicts and fears be in Jennifer’s case? For now, we can only speculate – but indeed, there are some interesting themes. Hopefully, if her therapist has any experience with trauma, she will find these potential re-enactments worthy of investigation. We know that Jennifer was a child of divorce. But I can’t help but wonder if there might be other unspoken traumas in her history.

In Rachel’s Vineyard we have seen how trauma dramas have been acted out in so many ways as people recount the bizarre behaviors they engaged in following their experiences with abortion, sexual abuse, rape, or the painful and damaging experiences that can happen in childhood. Frequently they find themselves in new situations where they re-experience familiar feelings of abandonment, victimization, despair and helplessness, guilt and even secret keeping in future relationships. Sometimes they engage in dramatic fantasy episodes where they unconsciously recreate and re-experience the original feelings related to their trauma.

Some people describe Jennifer’s condition as a dissociative fugue, but I see it as having all the hallmark symptoms of traumatic re-enactment. In Jennifer’s case, here are some attention-grabbing themes:

At the time of the bridal escape, there was a running away in secret. Going off somewhere and not telling anyone as she tried to resolve a growing problem that she hid from friends and family.

The running away is an attempt to avoid facing a major life change that was causing stress.

There is a story about being abducted – Wilbanks told police she had been kidnapped and sexually assaulted. While being questioned by authorities, she later admitted to making the abduction story up. Lies were told as she risked serious consequences with the law, an overt invitation for punishment.

There is shame and guilt when her secret lies are publicly exposed.

There is a need for forgiveness from family, friends, and even society.

If Jennifer is seeking redemption and forgiveness for something shameful in her past, it is quite conceivable that she could create a conflict in the present that seeks to satisfy or reveal an unmet, unspeakable need from her history.

When people can’t talk about their personal painful histories -- they act them out. They tell their traumatic story, but in a disguised way. They re-experience the feelings associated with their conflict: guilt, shame, helplessness, victimization, secrets, and the desperate attempt to be understood, accepted, and reconciled. The trauma becomes fixed at a certain moment in a person’s life, dissociated from consciousness, and provides the material for subsequent post-traumatic re-enactment.

This was probably not the first time Jennifer had a dissociative episode. Trauma victims are known to emotionally and mentally depart from reality. They may engage in acting out behaviors or even dissociative fantasies. Usually the stories they engage in, display a broad array of frightening feelings they have never put words to. Stories that have never been told are revealed in camouflaged ways.

Jennifer also had a history of shoplifting. She had been arrested three times between 1996 and 1998 for stealing nearly $1,800.00 worth of merchandise. These were the times she actually got caught. Compulsive shoplifting can indicate a number of themes related to previous traumatic experiences: to recreate themes of shame and humiliation; an unconscious desire for punishment; or as a way to self-medicate depression by releasing adrenaline and endorphins. It’s also not unusual for trauma victims to place themselves in risky or even dangerous situations.

Jennifer shares: "Each day I understand more about who I am and the issues that influenced me to respond inappropriately. Therefore, I have started professional treatment voluntarily. "I am truly sorry for the troubles I caused, and I offer my deep and sincere apology. I ask for John’s forgiveness and that of his family. I also ask for forgiveness of my family, our friends, our respective churches, our communities, and any others I may have offended unintentionally."

Fortunately, Jennifer is on the road to self-discovery. She also stated: "I look forward to days ahead when I am strong enough to speak for myself."

It’s obvious from these words that she has "lost her voice." It makes you wonder if that did not happen years earlier in a traumatic experience where she felt she had no voice.

Please be reminded that I am simply speculating about common issues that many women experience and act out. If you’d like to learn more about traumatic re-enactment, I invite you to read Forbidden Grief – The Unspoken Pain of Abortion. This is a book of real people, real stories, and real incidents of "acting out" that are rooted in abortion trauma. We can only wonder for now, what Jennifer’s problems are – and hope and pray that she gets the right treatment to face the real issues she has been fleeing. I find it a very helpful step toward sanity to look at behaviors we can’t explain, as a complicated way that people are trying to tell a story. Ultimately, they are seeking help, understanding, compassion and forgiveness for deep, unspeakable issues.

An interesting quote from John that Jennifer shared with the press, as if it had become a mantra for their life together: "As John said on countless occasions, may we follow the teaching of Scripture, in being kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving, just as God in Christ forgives us."

In the meantime, Jennifer’s fiancé John, 32, is practicing what he preaches. He appears to be sticking by his fiancée, telling us his "only concern now is to get Jennifer well." He states: "My commitment before God to her was the day I bought that ring and put it on her finger, and I'm not backing down from that."

I think Jennifer has a very good chance of getting well with this kind of support. But many other women are not that lucky after they engage in repetitions of trauma where they seek to sabotage and shame themselves, violently aborting the promising futures being offered to them because of what Jennifer herself described as a host of compelling issues which seemed out of control — issues which people are unable to address or confine.

Kevin Burke, Associate Director of Rachel’s Vineyard, shared that he believes that Jennifer’s situation gives us an opportunity to ponder the whole area of pre-marital preparation and counsel. "Instead of so much time and money spent on elaborate marital ceremonies, couples should take time to focus on their relationship during the engagement period. There should be more programs and sensitivity to identify and help those preparing for marriage that may have trauma in their histories. It should be made clear from the outset, that abortion, divorce, sexual abuse or other violations in one’s history does not mean that person can’t have a fulfilling and life long commitment. However, as a church, we have a responsibility to let folks know that if they have these injuries in their past, or with their current fiancé, or with another individual, that this can often lead to future marital dysfunction. Couples should be given various resources for healing these wounds during the engagement period as they prepare for marriage, or perhaps take for future use.

We know that Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats deeply impact future marital health and happiness and can also be a gift to children. So many marriages and families would be spared the trauma of divorce with this type of psychological and spiritual intervention!

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

"Compassion means to lay a bridge over to the other without knowing whether he wants to be reached."

Henri J.M. Nouwen

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You Can Help Improve Marital Health!

When we see couples struggling in their marriages, we can feel powerless to help. We may not know all the issues confronting them, and we don’t want to intrude into their private matters. However, we can tell them about Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats and the amazing impact forgiveness can have. Through God’s grace, forgiveness restores and renews relationships, and that is what Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats are all about. So please, tell your family and friends about us, and if it is within your means, send a donation to support us offering these retreats across the U.S. and around the world. We have 45 retreats scheduled this summer alone! Will you contribute $1,000 . . . $500 . . . $100 . . . or even $20 to help strengthen marriages and families through Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats? You may join our efforts by clicking here: to donate via credit card or PayPal. Alternatively, send an e-mail directly to me at  and I will forward a postage-paid envelope. May Our Father enrich our families with His love!

Theresa Burke, Ph.D.

Founding Director, Rachel's Vineyard Ministries

P.S. If you would like to start receiving our new, expanded, color edition of the Vine & Branches newsletter in the mail, send me an e-mail with your name, address and the words "Newsletter Subscription-Print Edition" in the subject line. We hope to publish first printed issue in the next few weeks.

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Wisdom is knowing what to do next; Virtue is doing it.

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"Can I Live?" Music Video Brings Abortion Into Limelight

Contemporary musical artist and rapper Nick Cannon recently released a new music video entitled: Can I Live? It's based on the true story of how his mother wanted to abort him, but then chose life. The video shows his mom as a teenager, lying in an abortion clinic and the spirit of Nick pleading for her not to take his life, saying "that's a life inside you, look at your tummy/what is becoming Ma, I am Oprah bound/ you can tell he's a star from the Ultrasound."

Nick apparently understands the problem of post abortion grief as he sings: "What you want morning sickness or the sickness of mourning?" In the end, she jumps off the table and runs out of the clinic, with Nick thanking her for the gift of life. To watch the video click (Click on "watch the video.")

(Let Me Live) just came in # 2 in the video countdown of most popular videos aired on the Black Entertainment Television cable channel!

Lyrics to "Can I Live?"

Talking Ma
I know the situation is personal, but it something that has to be told
as I was making this beat you was all I could think about; you heard my voice
Yeah Just think Just Think, what if you could Just… Just blink your self away..
Just Just wait just pause for a second. Let me plead my case. Its the late 70's Huh
You seventeen huh. And having me that will ruin everything huh it’s a lot of angels waiting for their wings you see me in your sleep, so you can't kill your dreams 300 dollars that's the price of living, what?
Mommy, I don't like this clinic; hopefully you'll make the right decision and don't go though with the Knife Decision but it hard to make the right move when you in high school
how you have to work all day and take night school
hopping off da bus when the rain is pouring
What you want morning sickness or the sickness of mourning?


I Will Always Be a part of you
Trust Your Soul Know His Heart Is True
If I Could Talk I Would Say To You
CAN I LIVE …. CAN I LIVE? (Repeat)

I am a child of the King ain't no need to go fear me and I see the flowing tears so know that you hear me when I move in your womb that's me being scaring cause who knows where my future holds
yo the truth be told you ain't told a soul yo you ain't even showing I just 2 moths old
through your clothes try to hide me, deny me went up 3 sizes
your pride got you lying saying ain't nothing but a migraine
it ain't surprising you not trying to be in WIC food lines
your friends look at you funny but look at you mommy; that's a life inside you, look at your tummy what is becoming ma I am Oprah bound you can tell he's a star from the Ultrasound
Our Spirits Connected Doors Open Now Nothing But Love And Respect Thanks For Holding Me Down She Let Me Live...[Chorus] I Will Always Be a part of you Trust Your Soul Know His Heart Is True
If I Could Talk I Would Say To You



I Will Always Be a part of you
Trust Your Soul Know His Heart Is True
Its uplifting for real y'all I ain't passing no judgment; ain't making no decisions; I am just telling y'all my story my love life. I love my mother for giving me life. We all need to appreciate life
a strong women that had to make a sacrifice. Thanks for listening. Mama thanks for listening

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

May today there be peace within. May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith. May you use those gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you. May you be content knowing you are a child of God.... Let this presence settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love. It is there for each and every one of us.

St. Theresa's Prayer

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A Message from Our Pastoral Director

Dear Friends,

The launch of the Intercessory Prayer Ministry of Rachel’s Vineyard, about which you will read in this issue, is one of the most significant developments in this work of the Lord. Prayer, as a spiritual activity, has significant benefits over physical activity. While a physical load quickly becomes too heavy to lift, multiple prayer intentions never become too heavy, no matter how numerous they are. The reason is that prayer works by "intention." If you make the intention, right now, that all the prayer needs and requests that come to Rachel’s Vineyard are automatically included in your own prayers, then the value of your prayers applies to those needs even if you don’t enumerate each one in your mind or on your lips - and even when you don’t know what each prayer need is! This applies forever, as long as you don’t change your mind in the future.

That said, it is beneficial for other reasons to explicitly mention to the Lord as many of the specific prayer needs as possible that come to our attention.

Prayer, moreover, is never an escape from the work we do. Rather, it leads us deeper into that work. When we come away from prayer time, we should not feel rested, but restless. We should not feel like we’ve done our duty, but that we’ve been given our duty. And the God to whom we pray will work mightily through us to pour out His healing on countless people.

Because Rachel’s Vineyard is a Ministry of Priests for Life, the prayer intentions directed to this prayer ministry will automatically be remembered in the prayers and Masses of all our priests and collaborators. Let us all move forward in our mission with greater confidence than ever!


Fr. Frank Pavone
Pastoral Director
Chairman of the Board, Rachel’s Vineyard

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Rachel’s Vineyard Intercessory Prayer Ministry

The fruits of Rachel’s Vineyard are beautiful and amazing and the spiritual battle we’re engaged in through this ministry can match these fruits in intensity. In response to God’s command to pray and the prayer support that is essential for our ministry, Rachel’s Vineyard will have a formal Intercessory Prayer Ministry.

The purpose of this ministry is to provide committed prayer support for all petitions that arise within the Rachel’s Vineyard Ministry. The prayer requests received will be confidential and can cover everything from general ministry needs and concerns to retreat, team, team member, and retreatant needs and concerns.

This ministry is not intended to replace prayer requests that are sent through our e-group but rather to offer an additional avenue for committed prayer support for these requests and others for which general e-group distribution may not be chosen.

If your team chooses to use this Intercessory Prayer Ministry, it is suggested that each team member be provided the contact e-mail address so that as needs arise, prayer requests can be forwarded. On an ongoing basis, the general intentions of the Rachel’s Vineyard Ministry and upcoming retreats, teams, team members, and retreatants will be covered in prayer. All additional prayer requests should be sent to

== = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness and faith.

Galatians 5:22

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New Rachel’s Vineyard sites in Development

Please pray for the new teams preparing for their first retreats in:

Bloomington, Indiana
Perth, Australia
Adelaide, Australia (Interdenominational)
St. Paul, MN (Interdenominational)
Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti, Michigan (Interdenominational)

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Missionary zeal does not grow out of intellectual beliefs, nor out of theological arguments, but out of love. If I do not love a person I am not moved to help him by proofs that he is in need; if I do love him, I wait for no proof of a special need to urge me to help him. Knowledge of Christ is so rich a treasure that the spirit of love must necessarily desire to impart it. The mere assurance that others have it is not sufficient proof of their need. This spirit of love throws aside intellectual arguments that they can do very well without it. But if this spirit is not present, a man is easily persuaded that to impart a knowledge of Christianity (for it is noteworthy that such men always speak of Christianity rather than of Christ) is not necessary -- nay, is superfluous expense of energy which might be better used in other ways.

Roland Allen (1869-1947), Pentecost and the World

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Upcoming Training Events:

July 9, 2005
Catholic Medical Association
Philadelphia Union League, 140 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
Spirituality and Medicine: Approach to the Suffering Patient
Theresa and Kevin will be presenting on post abortion trauma and healing.
Visit Website at: 
Contact: Dr. William V Williams (610)352-7672 

August 15
World Youth Day 2005
Cologne, Germany
Theresa will be making a presentation to youth about Rachel’s Vineyard.
Sept. 26-Oct 1, 2005

American Association of Christian Counseling (AACC) World Conference
Theresa and Kevin will be offering a special Pre-Conference Seminar
"Take Me to the Cross" – Nashville, TN
For more information visit
Or call 1 800 526-8673

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By John Kibler

On a park bench far from home
Sat a woman all alone.
She heard the children laugh
And watched their play.
First a tear came to her eye
and she broke down and she cried.
These are the words the lady spoke
before I walked away.
Were you eyes green or were they blue?
Just like a kite you never flew.
Would you have laughed, sang, and danced
when skies were gray?
All the things I cannot know
the way you could have loved me so.
But I cried awhile than chose myself
and we threw your life away.
With her face all stained with tears
and her heart broke from the years of pain and grief,
the sorrow she had known.
For she had given her child’s life to some unknown surgeon’s knife;
and she knew the bitter taste of fruits from seeds that she had sown.
Unwrapped presents red and green;
Christmas trees you have never seen,
and moments never spent at Santa’s knee.

Then from somewhere far away
she heard a soft voice say:
"It’s OK now, mommy dear;
please don’t cry for me."
So she left her park bench seat
and she walked down to the street,
and she trembled at the words from up above.
Not a person was in view and down in her heart she knew,
a message that was sent to her was spoken with great love:

"You must stand now; you can’t run."
"You must face the harm you have done."
The acceptance of redemption lies within
wash your soul in Jesus’ blood.

Feel the healing, cleansing flood;
know the grace and love of God:
forgiveness for your sin.
Then in wondrous shining light
appeared a child all dressed in white.
She beckoned to her smiling so serene,
and she clasped her withered hand
and led her to the Promised Land!
The last thing that she saw on earth
were eyes of emerald green.
Now the story has been told
and running in the streets of gold,
the unborn children sing and dance and play.
God will bind us with His love,
when we meet them up above,
and the care and sorrow of this world will simply fade away.

Eyes of brown and green and blue are waiting
there for me and you-
when we meet upon that glad eternal day!
There will be no earthly strife;
no more killing surgeon’s knife.
We will laugh awhile and choose new life
and cast our grief away!

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


June 1-4, 2005 --Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Contact: Susan Lepak 405 721 8944

June 3-5, 2005 -- Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Note: Non denominational
Contact: Chris Mackay 1 204 772 1923

June 3-5, 2005 -- Ketchikan, Alaska
Contact: Diane Szurleys 907 225 2502
Retreat Location: St. John by the Sea on Prince of Wales Island

June 6-8, 2005 -- Perth, Western Australia
Contact: Clare Pike 08 9375 2029

June 10-12, 2005 -- Corpus Christi, Texas
Contact: Desda 361 949 1251
Contact: Fr. Tom Goodwin 361 882 7912

June 10-12, 2005 -- Amarillo, Texas
Contact: Gwen Johns 806 678-4673
Note: Interdenominational Retreat

June 10-12, 2005 -- Cork City, Ireland
Contact: Bernadette 087 859 2877
Contact: Dr. Rita O'Connor 061 468 570

June 10-12, 2005 -- New Orleans, Louisiana
Contact: Melanie Baglow 504 889 2431
Contact: Nancy Rodrigue 504 269 8186

June 10-12, 2005 -- Boise, Idaho
Note: Interdenominational retreat
Contact: Stefanie Downs 229 3600 or 405 9047

June 10-12, 2005 -- Vladovostik, Russia
Contact: Christina Pavlov (4232) 44 54 04

June 17-19, 2005 -- Rapid City, South Dakota
Contact: Carol Kling 605 374 5639

June 17-19, 2005 -- Portland, Maine
Contact: Project Rachel Coordinator 207 879 1130 ext 770 or 771
Toll-free in Maine only: 800 CARE 002

June 17-19, 2005 -- Long Island / Uniondale, New York
Contact: Frank and Lorraine Garibaldi 516 523 0586

June 17-19, 2005 -- Wichita, Kansas
Local host: Rachel's Vineyard of the Diocese of Wichita
Contact: Yvonne or Lori 316 269 4673 or 1-888-456-4673 (statewide only)

June 24- 26, 2005 -- Columbia / Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Contact: Joy Crimmins 717 993 5450

June 24-26, 2005 -- Sacramento, California
Contact: Kathy Conner 916 733 0140

June 24-26, 2005 -- Tulsa, Oklahoma
Contact: Mary Lee 918 585 8167 ext. 212

June 24-26, 2005 -- Cherry Hill, New Jersey
Contact: Stephanie Claudy 866 4 RACHEL

June 24-26, 2005 -- Jacksonville / St. Augustine, Florida
Contact: Rebecca Johnson 904 221 3232

July 1-3, 2005 -- Sydney, Australia
Contact: Julie Kelly 02 9440 7980

July 8-10, 2005 -- Charlotte, North Carolina / Rock Hill, South Carolina
Contact: Martha 336 659 1342

July 8-10, 2005 -- Longbranch, Washington
Contact: Valerie Jacobs 800 822 HOPE

July 15-17, 2005 -- Allentown, Pennsylvania
Contact: Maryann Dunn M.S. 866 372 2435

July 15-17, 2005 -- Doylestown, Pennsylvania
Contact: Katie D'Annunzio 610 354 0558

July 15-17, 2005 -- El Paso, Texas
Contact: Maria Acosta 915 872 8405

July 22-24, 2005, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Note: Interdenominational
Contact: Anne Neville 61 3 9870 7044

July 29-31, 2005 -- Fresno, California
Contact: Jennifer Butcher 877 629 6626

July 29-31, 2005 -- Sonoma County, California
Contact: Monika 510 267 8335

July 29-31, 2005 -- Fargo, North Dakota
Contact: Shelly Stone 218 689 5454 or 500 241 5454
Local hosts: Diocese of Fargo, North Dakota
Diocese of Crookston, Minnesota
LifeCare Center of Thief River Falls, Minnesota

August 5-7, 2005 -- Tampa, Florida
Contact: Emma Boe 813 631 4370

August 5-7, 2005 -- Cedar Falls, Iowa
Contact: Maria Shores 319 530 2597 (mobile)

August 5-7, 2005 -- Fort Worth, Texas
Note: Interdenominational Retreat
Contact: Betsy Kopor 817 923 4757

August 5-7, 2005 -- Cork City, Ireland
Contact: Bernadette 087 859 2877
Contact: Dr. Rita O'Connor 061 468 570

August 5-7, 2005 --Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Contact: Susan Lepak 405 721 5651 ext 107

August 5-7, 2005 -- Hays, Kansas
Contact: Donetta Robben 785 623 7531

August 5-7, 2005 -- Edwardsville, Illinois
-- St. Louis, Missouri
Contact: Karen 618-667-6571 ext 20

August 5-7, 2005 -- Scottsdale, Arizona
Contact: Ronnajean 623 551 3667

August 5-7, 2005 -- Atlanta, Georgia
Contact: Mary Ann McNeal 404 896 6521
Contact: Rachel's Vineyard Atlanta
Website: Healing After Abortion

August 12-14, 2005 -- Bridgman, Michigan
Contact: Sue Brazo 269-683-7831 or 269-687-1581

August 12-14, 2005 -- Minneapolis / St. Paul, Minnesota
Contact: Nancy Blom 952 882 2072

August 19-21, 2005 -- Fort Worth, Texas
Contact: Betsy Kopor 817 923 4757

August 19-21, 2005 -- Portland, Maine
Contact: Project Rachel Coordinator 207 879 1130 ext 770 or 771
Toll-free in Maine only: 800 CARE 002

August 26-28, 2005 -- Sevierville / Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Note: Interdenominational Retreat
Sponsor: A.R.I.S.E.
Contact: Judy Magnussen 423 266 8322

August 26-28, 2005 -- Fort Caswell Wilmington, North Carolina
Local host: Mended Heart Ministries
Note: Interdenominational retreat
Contact: Marsha Tucker 336 247 0651

August 26-28, 2005 -- Covington, Kentucky
Contact: Gloria Santoro 513 588 9669
Contact: Peggy Feirstine

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