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Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers


Priests for Life



Date Line Washington DC—On March 10, a number of "pro-choice" groups will observe the fourth annual National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers. They say its purpose is to create a positive climate for abortion providers and to thank all abortion providers for their dedication to women and their families.

As a pro-life organization, Priests for Life is also commemorating this day in our own way.

Fr. Frank Pavone, the National Director of Priests for Life, released the following statement: "We see abortion providers as our brothers and sisters, and respect their lives as much as we respect the lives of unborn children.

"Yet it is precisely because of our respect for them that we listen carefully to the pain and anger they have because of abortion. Abortion psychologically destroys the doctors who perform it. In January of 1998, for example, a New York abortionist told the New York Times magazine, "I guess I never realized I would find [performing abortions] as unpleasant as I do. I really don’t enjoy it at all. It’s not a rewarding thing to do..." Likewise, abortionist David Zbaraz told the Washington Post (March 3, 1980), "[Abortion is] a nasty, dirty, yukky thing and I always come home angry."

"Priests for Life is involved in reaching out to abortion providers to let them know that we care enough about them to call them out of this destructive work. We assist former abortion providers to find peace and healing, and we want abortion providers to know that there are people who have been where they are, and who are ready to help them stop doing abortions.

"Also, if the pro-choice community cares about women and abortion providers, we call them to denounce the many cases of the rapes and sexual abuse of abortion clients in legal abortion clinics. Many of these cases have come to light. Abortionists know that these girls want to keep their abortion secret, and that they are therefore extremely vulnerable to sexual abuse, since reporting it means they have to admit to their abortion.

"We also call on the abortion industry to clean itself up by providing the proper regulation, sanitary procedures, emergency medical equipment, and other safeguards in place for other types of surgery but so often missing at abortion clinics. What we ultimately want to see is all abortion facilities closed, but while they are open they can at least take measures to limit the harm they do.

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