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White Ribbons for Life Campaign


Priests for Life



Last January (2000), the Louisiana Right to Life Federation promoted a White Ribbons for Life campaign for the purpose of promoting respect for human life and to oppose abortion on demand, both in Louisiana and, to the extent possible, nationwide. We are again promoting this campaign in January 2001, and anticipate getting even greater participation than last year.

As with yellow ribbons for hostages, or pink ones for breast cancer, the idea is to display large loops of white ribbon anywhere and everywhere they can be displayed or tied, including on trees, bushes, cars, door knobs, mailboxes etc., all during the month of January, and to wear small white ribbon loops on our persons (lapels, sweaters, dresses, etc.), at least on the weekend preceding and on January 22nd. This way, we can bring attention to the need to recognize the sacredness of human life from our earliest beginnings until natural death.

To spread the idea, and to encourage participation, we must use whatever means we have at our disposal: churches, church broadcast media, secular media, friends, faxes, e-mail, the worldwide web, etc., but starting right away, so that as many people as possible know to do it during January. Telling 10 friends about the campaign, for instance by e-mail, and having each one tell 10 of their friends, both in Louisiana and outside the State, will spread the message far and wide. If everyone contacted were to participate, the 10 of the first round can become the 100 of the second round, then 1,000, 100,000, 1 million, 10 million and even 100 million!

Nothing would be able to stop this showing of white ribbons and the desire to return to a full respect for the God-given lives of the unborn - except ourselves, by non-participation. White ribbon is a virtually no-cost item, although I can see someone 'formalizing' it in a wearable pin for sale for raising money for the right-to-life cause, similarly to what is done with symbolic red poppies for veterans. And all of this can easier be done in addition to anything else that's already being planned for the 28th memorialization of legalized abortion in our country.

God bless! And please join the January White Ribbons for Life campaign!

For a genuine respect for human life,

W. "Al" Krotoskl, M.D., Ph.D., M.P.H.


P.O. Box 8807, Metairie, LA 70011, (866)463-LIFE


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