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PFL Is Now On The Web


Priests for Life



Fr. Frank A. Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, proudly announced today that Priests for life now has its own web page on the internet. The address of the site is:

"What this means," Fr. Pavone stated, "is that 10-15 million people worldwide can now instantly access Priests for Life right from their own homes. This is truly a blessing for our organization."

Fr. Pavone, who became National Director three years ago with the permission of John Cardinal O'Connor of New York, said he hoped the new web page would become a powerful tool in helping transform the "Culture of Death" into a "Culture of Life."

"The world wide web has opened up a whole new era of communication, comparable to what happened at the coming of television," Fr. Pavone said. "The pro-life message needs to be prominent on the web. Here we can make up, at least to some degree, for what is so obviously missing in other media."

The Priests for Life web page offers a wealth of life-saving information, available at the click of a button. As of June 27, anyone who logs on to our site will have access to these exciting features:

* Easy to use, one step hyper-links, which allow instant communication with other pro-life groups and leaders

* Fr. Pavone's highly acclaimed brochures and pro-life homilies

* Personal testimonies of abortion survivors and former abortion providers

* Immediate links to the addresses and phone numbers of over 2300 crisis pregnancy centers

* An interactive map of the United States. Click on any state and get announcements of local pro-life events, activities, and volunteer opportunities. (We would like you to help us in developing this feature of our web site by sending us any information you have about pro-life activities in your area)

* Direct links which enable the user to send e-mail or faxes to their local congressman and local newspapers

* A private conferencing function which allows pro-lifers to communicate with each other on-line

* State of the art videos as well ultrasound and intrauterine photographs which prove indisputably that the life in the womb is indeed a human child

Even better news is that the Priests for Life web page will be updated at least weekly. "Our new web page will be a tremendous aid to us in getting our message out to the public," Fr. Pavone stated. "And we are willing to use our web page to publicize information from other pro-life groups that are not yet on-line. For those who are, we would be glad to create a link to your page, and you are welcome to do the same to ours. It is imperative that we in the pro-life movement work together to flood the internet with pro-life information. Only by taking advantage of every single media opportunity can we hope to achieve victory in this struggle. I recommend the book, The Internet for Christians (1-800-253-0413), for those unfamiliar with this new mode of communication. It makes this new world seem very friendly."

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