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Priests for Life: Let's all admit abortion decline is a good thing!


Priests for Life


NEW YORK -- Father Frank Pavone and members of the Pastoral Team of Priests for Life, one of the nation's largest and most visible pro-life groups, commented today about the Associated Press report showing that abortions have declined 12 percent since 2010.
“Whenever a report about a decrease in abortions is issued, both sides of the abortion debate rush to give explanations and take credit," Fr. Pavone said. "It's important to realize, first of all, that the factors accounting for this are multiple, complex, and often hard to measure. But a few things are clear to us, including that the primary reason well may be the abortion industry itself. As the most unregulated surgical industry in America, specializing in activity that bears a stigma that it cannot seem to shake, this industry has been imploding for years. Its advocates have run out of arguments, and cannot even bring themselves to describe the procedure they support. Its clinics have increasing difficulty recruiting physicians, and have been closing in record numbers.
"Moreover," Fr. Pavone asserted, "we on the pro-life side see and touch on a daily basis the lives that we are privileged to save. Reduction in abortion isn't simply revealed in abstract statistics, but in living babies who know how to get our attention."
"Youth are making a difference," said Bryan Kemper, President of Stand True, the youth outreach of Priests for Life. “Abortions continue to decline as this generation is not just more pro-life but increasingly active in the pro-life movement. Young people are rejecting the lie that pro-life is a war on women and realizing that the actual war on women is abortion. Youth activism is erupting around the world and I know this is the generation that will abolish abortion.” 
Janet Morana, executive director of Priests for Life and co-founder of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, noted that abortion advocates are encouraging more women to speak publicly about their abortions. But that particular approach helps the pro-life side more than the other side.  
"The women of Silent No More  have been speaking out about their abortions for more than a decade,” Mrs. Morana said. “Now that pro-abortion women are speaking out too, people are noticing a curious thing: The stories are remarkably similar. For so many women on both sides of the debate there is lingering physical and psychological damage, on top of regret and heartbreak. Women are listening, and they are choosing life.”
Dr. Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King, Jr. and full-time Director of African-American Outreach for Priests for Life, said, “Minority communities have long been targeted by abortion profiteers but we have begun to fight back. We are working towards the day, and I believe it will come soon, when it will no longer be true that the most dangerous place for an African-American baby is in the womb.”
Fr. Pavone concluded, "Each day I see the dedicated work of the Priests for Life team, and its many supporters around the nation, in changing attitudes towards abortion, passing laws, and counseling parents to choose life. It works. Above and beyond any arguments about who should take the most credit for the decline in abortions, let's start by hearing some consensus across the battle lines of the abortion debate that any decline in abortions is a good thing, and that the decline should accelerate!"
Priests for Life is the nation's largest Catholic pro-life organization dedicated to ending abortion and euthanasia. For more information, visit
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