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Fr. Frank Pavone urges religious believers to comment on HHS mandate

New development in Priests for Life Supreme Court case


Priests for Life


Staten Island, NY – Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, today issued a call to religious believers to respond to the Obama administration’s request for public comment in the ongoing HHS mandate controversy.  
Earlier this year, the Supreme Court ordered Priests for Life’s legal challenge to the HHS mandate, and six other lawsuits, to be sent back to lower appeals courts with the instruction that the government should try to reach an accommodation with religious groups who object to being complicit in the distribution of abortion causing drugs and other objectionable items to their employees.  The government has now asked for the public’s input on how to achieve this goal. 
"If the government really wants to know what Americans think about this,” said Fr. Pavone, “that's great, provided believers speak up, utilize the public comment process, and let their voices be heard! We ask all believers to stand with Priests for Life and the other petitioners. We will provide assistance and guidance in how to participate in this process in the coming days, at
"But throughout this case, the government has been making the argument that accommodating our religious freedom is too much of a burden on too many people. If they are turning to the public for the motive of gathering data to back up that argument, then it is a misguided effort, precisely because protecting religious freedom isn't something the government is supposed to do only when it's convenient. Religious freedom is a fundamental right, and protecting it is a fundamental duty, which must be carried out no matter what the cost," Fr. Pavone concluded.
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Chester Dilley Jr says:
7/23/2016 12:51:10 PM
Article III Section I of The United States Constitution.

"The Judges, both of the Supreme and inferior Courts, shall hold their Offices during GOOD Behaviour,"

Sanctioning the Genocide of Over 61 Million UnBorn Children in this country is NOT "Good Behaviour" as Described by The United States Constitution! The NAZIs killed 6 Million Jews. The Supreme Court and the Democratic Party killed Over 61 Million UnBorn Children in this country. 61,000,000 divided by 6,000,000 equals 10.166; that's how many times worse they are than the NAZI Regime.

State Sponsored Murder is NOT a Constitutional Right. It is a Crime Against Humanity.

This Sick Perversion of The United States Constitution has got to come to an End!

I want ALL of the Liberal Activist Judges on both the Supreme Court and the Lower Courts Impeached on the grounds of "Bad Behaviour" for the Genocide of Over 61 Million UnBorn Children in the Country.

And then I want the Democratic Party Charged with Crimes Against Humanity and Prosecuted to the Fullest Extent of The Law.

Christian Peschken says:
7/23/2016 12:32:40 PM

First of all it is ironic that now the government turns to the public for input. If they had turned to the public before they cocked up this HHS mandate curse ... it wouldn't be in existence in the first place.

Aside from that, an existing right such as the fundamental right of Religious Freedom and to exercise and express it is not subject to popular demand, polls or public input.


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