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Fr. Frank Pavone on VP Debate: Describe What You Defend


Priests for Life


Washington, DC -- Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, released the following statement this morning on the Vice-Presidential debate last night:
"Citizens who are committed to restoring protection to children in the first nine months of life listened with particular interest last night to the exchange between the vice-presidential candidates on abortion. Governor Pence called out the extremism of the Democratic party by pointing out that they support abortions even at the latest stages of pregnancy and are unwilling to protect children from being killed even in the process of delivery.
"Senator Kaine did not dispute this. Naturally, he did not want to pursue that line of argument, because the more people hear about the killing of health babies of healthy mothers in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, the more they realize how out of touch the Democratic political leaders are with the majority of Americans. 
"Senator Kaine said people are free to encourage one another to choose life, but he is unwilling to protect life. This is like saying that we should make child abuse legal, but do everything we can to encourage people not to abuse children. It makes no sense, and is an abandonment of the fundamental purpose of government: to protect human life by law.
"Here is my challenge to Senator Kaine, to Hillary Clinton, and to the entire Democratic party: Describe what you are defending. Tell the American people exactly what an abortion is, and how it is performed. You aren't ashamed to say that this activity should continue to be legal and that taxpayer money should fund it. So why are you ashamed to describe the activity you support and fund? Quote the medical texts and the court testimonies about how abortion dismembers and decapitates babies. And if you can't describe it, why should you tolerate it?"
Find out more at and sign on to Fr. Pavone's open letter to Senator Kaine at 
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Mary says:
10/6/2016 6:39:09 PM
The Democratic Party have DeHumanised unborn humans. Catholics, WAKE UP! If you vote for the Dems you are voting for deHumanisation. Choice deHumanises!

Judy DeAngelis says:
10/6/2016 11:24:30 AM
I agree 100 pct. with Father Pavone!
The hypocrisy of liberal Catholics is
Distressing & creating confusion.


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