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Board of Directors reaffirms Father Frank Pavone as National Director of Priests for Life


Priests for Life


TITUSVILLE, FL – As Priests for Life prepares to celebrate the 30th ordination anniversary of National Director Father Frank Pavone, and the 25th anniversary of his taking the helm of the pro-life organization, the Board of Directors “unanimously, unequivocally and enthusiastically” reaffirmed his leadership as the ministry settles into its new expanded headquarters in Florida.
In its resolution, the board said its members “wish to formally express our confidence in his leadership as we begin a new chapter of our ministry and prepare to address all the challenges and initiatives that lie ahead.”
Priests for Life recently completed a move from its longtime New York City headquarters to its new, larger location on Florida’s Space Coast. Father Pavone will continue his extensive travels, which often see him in four cities in a week’s time.
“I am so grateful to the board members for their reaffirmation of my leadership,” Father Pavone said. “I am looking forward to continuing to work with them and with everyone who wants to work with Priests for Life to abolish abortion.”
The full text of the resolution reads: 
A Special Resolution of the Board of Directors
(a New York not-for-profit corporation)
The undersigned, being all the members of the Board of Directors of 
Priests for Life, Inc., a New York not-for-profi¬t corporation (the “Organization”), hereby consent in writing as of the date hereof to the adoption of the following Special Resolution, and order that this written consent be ¬led with the minutes of the proceedings of the Board 
of Directors.
the Board has recognized the outstanding leadership of Fr. Frank Pavone and the enormous contribution he has made not only to the growth of this Organization but to the effectiveness of entire pro-life movement in the United States and throughout the world; and,
WHEREAS, the Board acknowledges the fact that that in the year of Our Lord, 2018, Fr. Pavone will be celebrating his 30th anniversary of Priestly Ordination, as well as his 25th anniversary as National Director of Priests for Life,
We, the Board of Directors of Priests for Life, unanimously, 
unequivocally and enthusiastically reaffirm the role of Fr. Frank Pavone as 
National Director of Priests for Life, and wish to formally express our confidence in his leadership as we begin a new chapter of our ministry and prepare to address all the challenges and initiatives that lie ahead.
In anticipation of the coming new year, we wish to especially express our gratitude for Fr. Pavone’s thirty years as a faithful priest of the Roman Catholic Church, and his twenty-five years as leader of the Priests for Life family of organizations, which includes Rachel’s Vineyard, the largest post-abortion healing ministry in the world. In reaffirming Fr. Pavone’s role as National Director of Priests for Life, we wish to formally commend him for his tireless and courageous work in defense of the unborn, and his profound commitment to his calling to end abortion. 
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned have hereunto set their hands as of September 7, 2017.
• Anthony DeStefano; Director, Executive Committee Member
• Janet Morana; Director, Executive Committee Member, Ad hoc nominations committee
• Father Walter Quinn; Director
• Father Denis Wilde; Director
• Mark Crutcher; Director, member, Ad hoc nominations committee
• Dr. Alveda King; Director
• Father Dennis Cooney; Director
• Michael Nierva; Director, Member of the Audit Committee
• Paul Joseph A. Magahis; Director, Member of the Audit Committee, co-Whistleblower Compliance Officer
• David Rosa; Director
• Andrew Smith; Director, co-Whistleblower Compliance Officer
• Roger Baler; Director, member, audit committee
Priests for Life is the nation's largest Catholic pro-life organization dedicated to ending abortion and euthanasia. For more information, visit
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Ellie Hermann says:
10/13/2017 2:02:50 PM
God bless you Father. I am Leader of Sidewalk Advocate for Life in the deep south and minister at the Biggest Abortion center in the South East. You are invited to come down and Pray with us any time. You can stay at our house, on Lake Tuscaloosa and with home cooked meals. We live in a peaceful place and you can use my car while here. Our three Priest in town are good men and Pro life. Please pray for us. Please come visit, you could give all of us strength and support.

Sister Rita Marie Biegel says:
10/11/2017 11:15:11 AM
Dear Fr. Frank: Thanks for "putting yourself on the line" for criticism from far and wide. I have been a nurse for over 50 years, and have worked on both ends of life: birth through death, natural of course. Happy anniversary, Father. I am one of 13 children. WE loved them all. My prayers and best wishes. SRMB.

Toni Burkdall says:
10/9/2017 8:37:01 PM
As a friend of the founder of Priests for Life The Rev Father Lee Kaylor I want to thank God that the mission he founded has been so blessed with your leadership. God Bless You for your dedication and your contuses efforts for the Pro Life Mission. Shalom Toni Burkdall61953


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