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September 18, 1998

Priests for Life: No Catholic Lawmaker Can Support Abortion;

Partial Birth Abortion Practitioner: No Medical Reason for Procedure

Priests for Life has called for a ban on partial-birth abortion from the beginning, and in light of the failure of the Senate to override the President's veto of the ban on this procedure, will continue to educate the public and call on government officials to ban it.

Fr. Frank Pavone, who has led the Priests for Life movement since 1993, made the following statement:

"Some have opposed the ban because they do not want the slightest crack in the wall of the "right to choose." But saying that "abortion rights include partial-birth abortion" actually reveals how morally bankrupt the whole notion of abortion-rights is.

"Some lawmakers who oppose the ban identify themselves as Catholic. As an association of Catholic clergy teaching in union with our bishops, we clearly and vigorously repeat what the US bishops said in their 1989 Resolution on Abortion, 'No Catholic can responsibly take a "pro-choice" stand when the "choice" in question involves the taking of innocent human life.' We are also ready pastorally to assist such individuals to overcome their difficulty in embracing Church teaching.

"Building on the momentum of the present controversy, we are preparing educational efforts to awaken the public to the realities of another abortion procedure, the D&E (dilation and evacuation), in which a child is dismembered and decapitated, and her head crushed, while in the womb."

Priests for Life has a long involvement in the fight against partial-birth abortion. Fr. Frank Pavone was preaching about the procedure all over America before it even had its name, having discovered Dr. Martin Haskell's paper in the course of his research. He is one of the few pro-life leaders who has had personal discussions with Dr. Haskell about the procedure, and Dr. Haskell told him there does not seem to be any medical reason for it. At the beginning of the public controversy over this procedure, Priests for Life spearheaded a joint commitment of over 100 national pro-life groups to educate the public about this atrocity.

Fr. Frank Pavone is a priest of the New York Archdiocese and an Official of the Pontifical Council for the Family at the Vatican where he helps to coordinate pro-life activities throughout the world. He has led the Priests for Life movement throughout the world since 1993. Priests for Life is an association recognized under the Canon Law of the Catholic Church

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