Pro-Life Actions of United Methodist General Conference Are Encouraging Say NPRC Leaders

National Pro-Life Religious Council

Washington, DC – The approval by The United Methodist Church’s General Conference of several petitions that move the Church in a more pro-life direction sends an encouraging signal, say leaders of the National Pro-Life Religious Council (NPRC). 

“Conference delegates voted to encourage the assistance of crisis pregnancy centers and support adult notification and consent when a minor seeks abortion,” said Fr. Frank Pavone, President of the NPRC.  “These are small, but important steps in what we pray will be an eventual affirmation of the inherent rights and dignity of all human lives.” 

“For so many petitions reflecting a pro-life perspective to be approved at this quadrennial General Conference is a great encouragement to those of us in The United Methodist Church,” said Rev. Paul T. Stallsworth, NPRC Board Member and President of the Taskforce of United Methodists on Abortion and Sexuality (or Lifewatch).  “We pray that God will continue to persuade United Methodist leaders so that soon our church will officially defend and protect  ‘the least of these,’ the unborn child and mother.”