Pavone calls for pro-life lent and support of 40 days for Life

Priests for Life


Washington, DC – Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, called upon pro-life activists today to make this Lenten season a time of increased pro-life prayer and activism nationwide.

“If we are going to repent of sin, we have to start with the sin of abortion,” Fr. Pavone will declare today at a major speech in Oklahoma.  “Repentance begins in our Churches and then continues as we come outside of the Church and into the streets in massive, peaceful protest against abortion.”

Fr. Pavone and the entire Priests for Life organization are major supporters of the “40 Days for Life” campaign and will visit cities across the nation where this effort is being carried out.  “I look forward to working with activists where 40 Days for Life is being implemented, as well as with other communities where similar efforts are underway.”

Fr. Pavone, who travels to four states a week, also observed, “Pro-life activists are ready to be mobilized as never before.  We experience this with the clergy, with youth groups, and also with veterans of the movement who have been intervening at abortion mills for decades.  The entire Priests for Life team will foster this momentum in thousands of Churches and communities in the coming weeks through its ongoing training seminars for clergy and laity, and its television and radio programs which reach tens of millions of Americans.”

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