Abortion Protesters’ “Compassionate Pleas” Save Lives and Change Souls Says Fr. Pavone

Priests for Life


Amarillo, TX – Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, today commented on this week’s abortion protests conducted in Wichita, Kansas, by Operation Rescue and in Birmingham, Alabama, by Operation Rescue/Operation Save America.

“The crowds who stand peacefully for our nation’s most helpless and vulnerable in Wichita and Birmingham are showing true Christian love for their brothers and sisters,” said Fr. Pavone.  “I am always proud to stand with them.  We cannot just wish abortion away in our minds.  We have to come to the places where the children are being killed and demand it to stop.  Firefighters don’t sit around the fire house and pray for an end to fires.  They go where the fire is, to save lives.”

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