Fr. Pavone Applauds Oklahoma Legislature's OK of Pro-Life Measures

Priests for Life


“The more awareness we promote of the child in the womb, the safer that child becomes,” states Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life.  “Oklahoma legislators have opened windows to the world of the unborn that will hopefully save many, many lives.”

Fr. Pavone’s comments are in response to SB 1742, a comprehensive bill passed by the Oklahoma Senate on abortion related matters. 

“The people of Oklahoma, through this legislation, reflect a growing trend across America toward more common sense about abortion.  Anyone who opposes the rights of parents in relation to a minor age daughter’s abortion, or state funding to assist in childbirth and adoption, or informed consent, is certainly among a misguided minority.  Moreover, who can reasonably hold that our laws, which prevent pain to animals that are slaughtered, should not prevent pain to unborn children who are aborted?”, Fr. Pavone asked.  “The Priests for Life association urges that Oklahoma’s governor sign this bill into law.”

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