Fr. Pavone of Priests for Life Praises Idaho Move to Provide Women with Abortion Information

Priests for Life


“The light of the truth about abortion has grown brighter in Idaho,” states Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life. “Women considering abortion should not be kept in the dark about the possible consequences of the grisly procedure they face.”

Fr. Pavone’s remarks were in response to the Idaho Senate’s passage of a bill requiring a woman to receive information describing the medical risks of abortion, a description of a child’s physical development at the current stage of the woman’s pregnancy, and other facts at least 24 hours before undergoing an abortion. The legislation, which updates a 1983 Idaho law that was held unconstitutional, now moves to the state House for consideration.

“The less the public knows about abortion, the better it is for the abortion industry,” states Fr. Pavone. “One would think that even those who support the so-called ‘right to choose’ would want women to know more about what they are choosing. I urge the state House to likewise pass this bill.”

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