"Roe v. Wade for Men" Puts Abortion Supporters in a Bind

Priests for Life


Fr. Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, commented on Dubay v. Wells, a civil action brought in federal court by a Michigan man who claims that the constitution protects him from having to pay child support for a baby he didn't want carried to term.  The case has been dubbed "Roe v. Wade for men."

"We do not want the law to make it any easier for men to evade their responsibilities," Fr. Pavone declared.

He also pointed out that this case challenges the consistency of the "pro-choice" position. "The problem here for abortion supporters is that they either have to uphold the notion of reproductive choice and leave single women with no monetary support to raise their children or they have to say that reproductive choice is a human right that only applies to some humans," declares Fr. Pavone.  "Of course, they're good at claiming that basic human rights apply only to some humans."