Fr. Pavone comments on recent Gallup poll on judicial confirmation questions

Priests for Life


Washington, DC -- Fr. Frank Pavone commented today on recent Gallup poll regarding questions to be asked during the judicial confirmation hearings. The poll asked an open ended question inquiring about the one specific issue that Americans want to see proposed to nominee John Roberts.  The response came back overwhelmingly in favor of making known his views on abortion, with a rate of 28%.  Other issues came in with only a six-percent margin or below.

“This is not surprising, in view of the fact that the number of voters for whom abortion is a deciding factor has been increasing in recent elections,” said Fr. Pavone. “Many of these voters elected President Bush precisely because they knew he would have an opportunity to nominate the kind of Supreme Court Justices they want to have. Now they want to know how the man the President selected feels about an issue important to them.”

Fr. Pavone also reminded Americans that “the so-called ‘right to abortion’ is nowhere in the Constitution, and unless a judge wants to rewrite that document, he will not invent such a right.”

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