Priests for Life offers support for California's "Prop 73" requiring parental notification for abortion on a minor

Priests for Life


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New York City - Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, issued the following statement today in support of "Prop 73," a measure on the Nov 8 ballot in California that will require that the parents of a minor be notified before an abortion is performed.

"Priests for Life is announcing today that it will assist the residents of California to understand and vote for Proposition 73, the Parental Notification Act," announced Fr. Pavone. "We will communicate with Churches, send our speakers into the state to rally voters, and communicate with the media."

Speaking of the importance of this measure on the lives of young girls as well as family relations, Fr. Pavone added the following:

"Our extensive experience with those who have had abortions shows that when someone has an abortion, it affects the whole family. The Parental Notification Act will protect parents' right to know not only what will happen to their daughter, but what will happen to them."

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