Fr. Pavone Releases Joint Statement of Commitment, Signed By Over 100 Pro-Life Leaders

Priests for Life


CONTACT: Anthony DeStefano

 Fr. Frank A. Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, today released a Joint Statement of Commitment, signed by 100 leaders of the pro-life movement across America, pledging to educate every American about Partial-Birth Abortion.

"The purpose of this statement," said Fr. Pavone, "is to demonstrate our united conviction that President Clinton's April 10 Veto of the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban is a travesty of governance and a threat to all human life everywhere.

"We will shine the spotlight on this gruesome procedure, and educate people, as never before, about the tragedy of all abortions.

"I want to emphasize," continued Fr. Pavone, "that this is not merely a joint statement. This is a joint commitment. That means that these pro-life leaders pledge, to the best of their ability, to educate all the people within their sphere of influence, so that the reality of what happens in abortion can no longer hide behind the rhetoric. The signers represent a variety of ages, types of pro-life organizations, and religious traditions."

For a copy of the Joint Statement of Commitment, and for a list of the pro-life leaders who signed it, please call (718) 980-4400.

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