Local Priest visits Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Priests for Life

This summer, Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, visited with Mother Teresa at her Motherhouse in Calcutta, India.  During the four day visit, Father was able to say Mass several times for the sisters, give them two talks on the pro-life movement, and have several personal meetings with Mother Teresa.

 Fr. Pavone had been asked by National Youth Day director Kevin Cunningham to assist in extending to Mother Teresa an invitation to speak to the youth of America on the need to be active in pro-life work.  Resulting from the visit, Mother Teresa gave a special telephone hook-up address to 2,000 youth at the National Youth Day in Denver this August. She gave a message of encouragement to the youth of America to offer help to women in crisis pregnancies instead of abortion.

 Mother Teresa was excited to hear about the work of Priests for Life, and expressed her desire that the priests not hesitate to teach and preach on the sanctity of life.  She gave Fr. Pavone a hand-written message for the priests which reads, "Dear Priests of Jesus:  Be only all for Jesus through Mary.  Be not be afraid to let Jesus use you for His own and as His own.  Be holy.  Let us pray.  God bless you.  Mother Teresa."

 She also expressed her desire to have priests enroll themselves in "Veronica Intercessory," whereby they will be personally prayed for by one of the Missionaries of Charity sisters.  Priests for Life can provide more information on this.

 Mother Teresa specifically requests that every priest distribute throughout his parish copies of her speech at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington.  Priests for Life will assist in this distribution.  Interested priests can receive a master copy from the Priests for Life office, together with distribution suggestions.

 After hearing one of Fr. Pavone's talks to her sisters, Mother Teresa said to Fr. Pavone, "This would be very good for our priests," and took him to the Archbishop's residence in Calcutta for a meeting with the vicar general to arrange for a series of talks to the priests, seminarians, and religious of India.  Priests for Life is quickly acquiring an international character.

Priests for Life is very grateful to Mother Teresa for her leadership on pro-life issues.  May all priests and laity follow her courageous example!