Priests for Life Responds to Supreme Court Pro-abortion Decision with Call For More Pro-life Activism and Spreading of the Truth

Priests for Life


The June 30 Supreme Court decision in the Madsen case is both an attack on the babies' right to life and on the mothers' right to truth.  The attempts to silence the pro-life message within a certain distance of the killing center illustrates the fact that abortion providers are threatened by truth.

 As Pope John Paul II declared at World Youth Day, we must not be afraid to bring the truth about life into the streets and public places.  As he explained in the Splendor of Truth, it is only in the truth that authentic freedom is found.

 Priests for Life calls on all pro-lifers to come out into the streets in greater numbers than ever, both at the killing centers and at every street corner to proclaim the truth about abortion.  We have prepared a special manual on the purposes and methods of pro-life street activism and will make it available to any interested person or group.

 Rather than deter us, a decision like Madsen will only spur us on to a stronger defense of the right to life and the right to speak the truth.